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2010 Graduates' Reception

June 27, 2010
Atlanta Masjid
of Al-Islam

560 Fayetteville Rd, SE 
Atlanta, GA 30316


In the Spirit of Appreciation: A Tribute to 2010 City-Wide Muslim Graduates and Educators and M.O.R.E. For Youth Venture Honorees

Our Mission

Sisters United In Human Service, Inc. is a human service organization of Muslim women working in the spirit of sisterhood to promote, support, uplift and service human concerns. We are committed in our service efforts to exemplify to each other and to humanity the highest standards of conduct, attitude, integrity, spirit and service that will be pleasing to Almighty God.

Our Vision

To be a dignified model of sisters, wives and mothers serving human needs and networking with others of faith in that service, thereby advancing the Oneness of God and the oneness of humanity.

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Sisters United In Human Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 360893, Decatur, GA 30036
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